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John Roques, P.E.

John Anthony Roques, a managing partner in the LRMC, grew up along the Mississippi River in Burnside, LA. Roques is one of nine children who all worked on the family farm as they were growing up. He graduated from Louisiana State University (LSU) and returned to the family farm working in its soybean and cattle operations.

Some five years later he returned to LSU to pursue a second degree in Civil Engineering, a field that had always captured his interest. He obtained a position with Baton Rouge Consulting Engineers in the city upon completion of his work toward his engineering degree and remained with the firm for two years.

He then relocated to Thibadoux, LA and began working for McDermott, Inc., a company that had as its main focus designing, constructing and installing offshore oil and gas platforms. After ten years with McDermott, Roques received an offer to move to Manson Gulf, LLC and decided that the opportunity with Manson Gulf was something that he couldn’t refuse in fairness to his family and himself. In his roles with both companies, McDermott and Manson Gulf, Roques became acutely aware of the roles that both safety and health play in the lives of those individuals working for the two companies.

Roques stated, “A tragic accident pressed me into a role of designing and approving fall protection devices. I was instantly sensitized to the role that I played in keeping people safe. As my role evolved, I was able to be involved with health and wellness issues through observing the insurance programs in place in the two companies. I am proud of the companies I have been associated with because the work is interesting and provides much needed services. However, at the end of the day my work has always been about the safety of our employees, and helping them to enjoy healthy, fulfilling lives. I think that desire to help people has been my motivation to learn about stem cell therapy.”

Roques continues to make his home in Thibodaux, LA with his wife, Betsy Bernard Roques, and their daughter, Elizabeth. Betsy Roques is a speech therapist who has started several programs to help people with special challenges and she continues this work today.

Boyd Houston Robert

After graduating from Louisiana State University in 1987, he went to work in his family’s business with primary responsibilities for its cow/calf and stocker operations. In the mid-90’s, he moved to Nashville, Tennessee and went to work for Currey Cattle Company while pursuing a stint in country music. He and a friend in Nashville,

Rivers Rutherford, collaborated in the song writing end of the business and had success with some of the songs they had written together. A particular favorite, “Smoke Rings in the Dark,” stayed on top of the country music charts for several weeks earning the two good financial rewards. The pull to return home to Louisiana though was too great and Robert returned to the Baton Rouge area in 2009 where he resides with his two sons, Houston and Hayden. He established his company, Southeast Cattle Brokers, at that time and the company is the entity from which he derives his present income.
Robert’s initial interest in stem cell therapy started in February, 2015, as a result of his ongoing conversations with fellow cattleman John Farley, the founder of the Kansas Regenerative Medicine Center.

Their conversations led him to approach John Roques, a life-long friend and a successful businessman, with the idea of bringing this new medical technology to south Louisiana.

The two men grew up on neighboring farms, and like many people who grew up farming and ranching, they had had their share of work related injuries. In November of 2015, they decided to put the stem cell technology to the test and flew to Manhattan, Kansas, for the procedure. The results of their respective stem cell therapies have been nothing short of amazing, and they are now prepared to offer this protocol to the people of the Greater Baton Rouge area and beyond.

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