Jack Nicklaus Tees Off On Stem Cells

Jack Nicklaus is considered by many to be the greatest golfer of all time. What many people don't know is that he played most of his career with debilitating back problems. Years of steroid shots and surgery provided Jack only temporary relief, even basic chip shots and putts became too painful. At age 76, Jack flew to Germany to have an adipose-derived stem cell procedure.


In a recent interview with CNN, Jack talked about his results. "The pain I used to feel while actively playing golf had subsided after a few months," he said. He was so impressed he decided to go back to Germany to have his right shoulder done.


When asked about Jack's story, Dr. Jamie Broussard of Louisiana Regenerative Medicine Center said he was not surprised. "We're doing the same adipose-derived stem cell procedure here in Baton Rouge that Dr. Alt performed on Jack Nicklaus in Munich, Germany so we've grown accustomed to seeing these types of results." Dr. Broussard went on to say "if you're Jack Nicklaus, you have access to the best orthopedic doctors on the planet yet his back story reads a lot like that of regular people we see all the time. A lifetime of steroid shots and failed surgeries that are designed to treat the symptoms, but do little to address the problem. I think stem cells offer a real solution."


At age 78, when asked how long he hopes to play golf Jack Nicklaus replied "as long as my stem cells let me"

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Benefits of Treating Hip Pain with Stem Cells

Hip pain can put a real strain on a person’s ability to do the things they love to do or need to do everyday. 

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 7.1% of all patients with chronic pain point to their hip as the culprit, while the Arthritis Foundation reports around 500,000 hip replacement surgeries are performed each year.

Common causes of hip pain include:

  • Arthritis

  • Hip fractures

  • Bursitis

  • Tendonitis

  • Muscle or tendon strain

  • Hip labral tear

Hip surgery, hip replacement surgery and hip resurfacing are often the only medical options presented to people dealing with their pain. The good news? There’s another option – stem cell therapy, which works to regenerate healthy tissue and help the body heal on its own.

There are a couple important benefits you should know about:

First, stem cell therapy can help you address your pain without having to undergo surgery. Hip replacement surgery is invasive and involves the surgeon making a long incision to remove the painful hip joint and replace it with an artificial joint. Choosing stem cell therapy over traditional hip surgeries can help you avoid the serious risks associated with that procedure, such as infection and blood clots.

Second, stem cell therapy doesn’t come with the painful and lengthy rehabilitation period that comes along with traditional surgery. Most patients who have hip surgery are required to stay in the hospital for five or 6 days while remaining in bed. They then need physical therapy for several months months and have avoid certain activities for up to a year to restore strength, mobility and range of motion.

Patients who undergo stem cell therapy in their hip, however, are encouraged to walk the same day and typically experience little to no downtime.

How does it work?

So, where do these stem cells come from? Your body keeps a supply of stem cells to help repair injured and degenerated tissues. In many cases, stem cells are harvested from the bone marrow in the iliac bone – which is located on the back of the hip. The harvesting procedure is well tolerated by patients and is conveniently performed in an outpatient setting under ultrasound or x-ray precision and guidance.

Stem cell therapy results are becoming more exciting by the day. If you’re suffering from hip pain you may be a good candidate for a stem cell procedure.

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Debbie R. Testimonial

In the video below, Debbie R discusses her stem cell therapy treatment and experience with Louisiana RMC.

After over extending her knee and living with adjusted activity levels and wearing a knee brace for any physical activity, Debbie is thrilled with her stem cell therapy results. Debbie also had her aging shoulders treated and is very happy with the improved movement.

Watch her brief video below to hear about her experience in her own words.