Burnside, Louisiana is a community located along the Mississippi River between Baton Rouge and New Orleans in Ascension Parish. Some might say that Burnside is more of an attitude than a point on the map, so small are its boundaries. The uniqueness of this tiny area has given those fortunate enough to grow up there a great sense of family, community, hard-work and a helpful spirit.

Boyd Robert and John Roques, the two friends bringing the Louisiana Regenerative  Medical Center to Louisiana, were reared in Burnside and were instilled with these qualities from an early age. They grew up on neighboring farms and their friendship, and those of their families, dates back to previous generations. The two men went through high school and college together and have always had great respect for each other’s abilities.

The story goes that while enjoying a day at the horse races one weekend, Robert shared with Roques the story of a rancher in Kansas with whom he had visited at a National Cattlemen’s Association Convention in Nashville. The rancher was John Farley and his story of seeking treatment for debilitating knee problems fascinated Robert who had known of Farley’s previous struggles with his knees. In telling his friend about Farley’s remarkable recovery, and the treatment he had received, Roques became as interested as Robert in learning what Farley had done to make such a difference in his condition. The two decided to travel to Kansas to seek their answers.

They knew from speaking with Farley that he had received stem cell therapy and that the procedure had been very successful both for him and for an associate of his, Ken Woods, who had also had the therapy. The two men had previously undergone nine knee surgeries between them and several other treatment protocols with little to no relief from their pain. They quickly realized that their shared experiences, and the results they had experienced from the stem cell therapies they had undergone, were on the cutting edge of medical technology and this was a discovery that needed to be shared with others. Thus, the Kansas Regenerative Medicine Center (KRMC), kansasrmc.com, was born and it is now an advanced, stand-alone stem cell therapy center offering Autologous Adipose (Fat) Derived Stem Cell Treatments.

Robert and Roques were so impressed by the process, and the conviction of the team at KRMC to make this treatment available to the people of Central Kansas, that they approached the Kansas clinic about forming a partnership and bringing a similar clinic to Louisiana.

The Louisiana Regenerative Medicine Center (LRMC) is the result of those discussions. Robert says, “The opportunity to help people by making the medicine associated with this stem cell study available to the average guy, along with the option of working with such great partners, kept drawing us back to the possibility of opening a clinic in Louisiana.” Roques concurred saying, “The ability to bring this medical technology to our area with so much encouragement from the Kansas group made it a no-brainer to establish the Baton Rouge clinic and they’ve been 100% supportive in this endeavor. They’ve already circumvented many of the problems that a start-up venture experiences so we also have the benefit of their expertise in that regard.”

We are proud to establish the Louisiana Regenerative Medicine Center in Baton Rouge bringing stem cell therapy to Louisiana.

Relieving Suffering ThroughResearch-Led Innovation

We are devoted to the science of stem cell therapy — using your own stem cells to treat inflammatory and degenerative conditions.

Our founders started as patients. They personally witnessed the relief and healing stem cell therapy can bring, and founded LRMC to enable people to get back to the lives they love, to advance the science of stem cell therapy, and to improve access to ethical care.

Our expert clinicians and teams are committed to results and always adhere to the highest ethical standards. We are proud to follow the standards set by Institutional Review Board Approved Research Network.

Our Promise:

To always put a patient’s needs and safety ahead of all other concerns

To invest in the latest technology and training available

To ensure our team and company delivers personalized, exceptional care

We’re based in Baton Rouge Louisiana, to provide easy, discreet access to our services. Our outpatient services use your own naturally occurring stem cells, and can begin enhancing your body’s natural healing processes immediately.

Our expert clinicians are highly skilled in the science and delivery of adult stem cell therapy. Our staff is committed to the goal of enhancing the lives of professional athletes as well as those with a wide variety of conditions, including:

  • Injuries
  • Orthopedic diseases
  • Cardiac and pulmonary conditions
  • Autoimmune disorders
  • Urological and neurological diseases

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