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Hormone Optimization

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Bio-identical Hormone Pellet Therapy

For optimum hormone replacement therapy results, trust your health only with an EvexiPEL® Certified Pellet Therapy Provider.

Stem Cell Doctor in Louisiana Regenerative Medical Clinic in Baton Rouge Louisiana LA


We start your journey towards optimal health by conducting an in-depth personalized consultation with one of our expert providers.

Prior to your consultation, we will have you complete the symptom checklist and pull a comprehensive lab panel to identify the root cause of your symptoms.

Stem Cell Doctor in Louisiana Regenerative Medical Clinic in Baton Rouge Louisiana LA


Once we receive your lab reports, we evaluate the treatment options to most effectively address your individual needs. We then establish your comprehensive therapy plan.

Our system is designed to uncover the root problems causing disease and unhealthy aging.

Unfortunately, most “Brand Name” Pellet Therapies leave out too many important steps in the process.  Therefore, they are not successful in optimizing your health properly.

Stem Cell Doctor in Louisiana Regenerative Medical Clinic in Baton Rouge Louisiana LA


Your treatment will consist of an in-depth therapy customized with Hormone Pellets, Thyroid, Vitamin D and many other nutrients depending on your symptoms.

Our expert team will provide you with an integrated therapy plan for you to heal and enrich all areas of your life.

Soon you can truly Feel Better, Function Better and Live Better!


Hormones chemical messages that tell your cells what to do! You NEED THEM!

Why do you need to keep your hormones in balance?

As we age we start losing the hormone levels we once had when we were 18 – 25 yrs old. Once we get to age 25, there is a dramatic shift in our stem cells and this has the effect of reducing the ability to send messages throughout our bodies and heal effectively. Each decade that goes by, we see all of the systems in our body decrease production of these chemical messages and we become less able to protect our cells from trauma.

It is our mission to take your hormone levels back to when you were 18. Let me guess, you weren’t over weight, you had tons of energy and most likely felt invincible. I bet you even made choices with your body you would never make today because it would take its toll on you. Back then, you recovered and quickly.

We specialize in taking you back in time and restoring your hormone levels naturally so you can feel amazing, look amazing and spend your live living instead of managing disease. Proper hormone balance gives your body all the instructions that you might need to protect your insides.

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