The Stem Cell Therapy Process

1. Initial consultation

Our expert physicians will meet with you to review your medical history and will determine if you’re a good candidate for stem cell therapy. If we agree stem cell therapy can help, we’ll schedule your first appointment in our office in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

2. Treatment

In most cases our outpatient treatment takes three hours and is nearly pain free. Our treatment is a procedure that uses only a small amount of local anesthesia. On the day of your procedure, our physicians will collect stem cells from a small area of fat deposits through a simple liposuction procedure. After stem cell collection, you will relax in a private room. Once processed, your stem cells will be injected into the area of need using imaging for precise delivery of your stem cells. We also administer an IV of your stem cells during treatment to further enhance your body’s natural healing process. 

3. Follow-up

There is virtually no recovery time from your stem cell therapy procedure. Most people are back to work the following day. Our physician will remain in touch with you during your recovery process to answer questions.