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While we can’t always prevent injury or aging joints, we can select the best types of exercise for joint health.

Choosing low impact exercise helps to avoid joint problems that can lead to arthritic conditions and pain. By choosing physical activity that won’t damage the cartilage in your joints, you can benefit from exercise while minimizing possible joint strain.

Strenuous exercise that requires frequent jumping or running movements will damage your joints over time, especially when you are overweight. You must select low-impact exercise to lubricate your joints with its natural synovial fluid, and be careful to avoid movements that can tear the cartilage in your shoulders, elbows or knees.

Here is a list of exercises that you can use to improve and maintain the health of your joints.

Low-impact Exercise 1: Swimming 

Swimming is one of the best low-impact exercises for aging joints because the water creates buoyancy. Make sure to select a swimming pool that has warm water to enjoy the most benefits. In addition to swimming laps, you can enroll in a water aerobics class that uses calisthenics movements while you stand in the water. Make sure to arrange a swimming session two or three times a week.

Low-impact Exercise 2: Yoga

Yoga exercise is one of the most popular types of physical activity in the world because it has easy low-impact movements that are suitable for all age groups. If you aren’t physically fit, then this is the perfect type of exercise for your joints. You can join a local class to learn how to perform yoga exercise, but you can also find DVDs or online videos to teach you how to complete yoga postures.

Low-impact Exercise 3: Bicycling 

Bicycling is an excellent low-impact exercise that you can use for fun at a local park or that you can enjoy each day to commute to work. There are traditional bicycles in addition to recumbent bicycles, but you should wear a helmet along with pads on your elbows or knees. This type of exercise helps to lubricate the joints in your knees, ankles and hips to make these body parts more flexible.

Importance Of Joint Health 

You might not want to think about low-impact exercise and joints when you are busy with a job and raising a family, but if you don’t begin to take care of your joints while you are younger, then you will have serious health issues when you are older.

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